I’m so tired of ignorant iPod owners…

October 10, 2008



First Gen Ipod

First Gen Ipod



Ok so before you start bashing me for calling ipod owners ignorant, let me plead my case.  First when I say “ignorant ipod owners” I don’t mean all ipod owners, I mean the ones that are so high up apples ass that they don’t like to give other companies a chance.  Every article about zunes out there are loaded with a whole bunch of zune haters that say “oh the zune suckz” or “zune is so big” or my favorite one of all “ipodz rule”.  And they say all of that without actually backing it up.  What I hate the most is how they keep freakin comparing the zune with the ipod touch. wtf.  The ipod touch is a completely different platform.  The zunes were made to compete with the ipod classic and ipod nanos.  People say that the zune is too BIG.  come on lets get serious, the zune isnt even that much bigger than the ipod.  The reason the Zune 120 is bigger is becuase of the screen and the wifi, two things that the ipod is doesnt have.  People just expect to get all of the extra’s that the zune offers in the size of the ipod classic.


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