When it was time to buy a new media player, I had 2 choices.  First was the ipod, and then it was the zune.  I already had an ipod mini, So I was in favor of an ipod video.  But there was someting about the zune that caught my attention.  So I went to my local best buy and checked it out.  At first I didnt like it becuase I wasn’t used to the players twist interface.  Owning an ipods for 3 years, I was accustomed to the basic list format.  But 5 minutes into it, I actually noticed that it was much faster getting through songs.  Radio grabbed my attention, becuase I know everyone says “who listen to radio anymore” but I actually spend a good 30-40% of my day listening to radio.  I dont care how much music you have on your mp3 player, youre going to get tired of it sooner or later.  And thats when the radio comes in handy.  Spending a good 25 minutes messing around with the player, I chose to buy.  As soon as I got home I ripped that box open ( not literally ) and got my entire music/video/photo collection onto it.  after a good 3 hours of syncing I was set.  As I rode the bus to school the next morning some guy a couple of seats down also had a zune.  I was excited but the first thing that hit my mind was the wifi sharing.  So without evening knowing the guy I went to him and asked him if I could try the wifi sharing on the zune.  The man didnt even know that his zune could do that, he told me he got it a few days before for a birthday present.  So he sent me some techno music that he was listening to, and it took roughly about 30-40 seconds per song to transfer.  There was something about being able to share your music that as I got off the bus the guy waved at me and I waved back with a good feeling insided.

When the idea of a zune phone came up, I thought to myself, that it would be a dumb move.  Why you ask? because Microsoft already has a phone platform that they need to work on….Windows Mobile…..  Windows mobile needs alot of work to compete with the likes of Apple and Android.  If Microsoft comes out with a Zune phone then it will make them look like theyre just trying to get into every market.  If Microsoft is able to greatly improve windows mobile and make it a fluid OS then that would do alot more to Microsofts brand, rather then releasing a Zune phone.



First Gen Ipod

First Gen Ipod



Ok so before you start bashing me for calling ipod owners ignorant, let me plead my case.  First when I say “ignorant ipod owners” I don’t mean all ipod owners, I mean the ones that are so high up apples ass that they don’t like to give other companies a chance.  Every article about zunes out there are loaded with a whole bunch of zune haters that say “oh the zune suckz” or “zune is so big” or my favorite one of all “ipodz rule”.  And they say all of that without actually backing it up.  What I hate the most is how they keep freakin comparing the zune with the ipod touch. wtf.  The ipod touch is a completely different platform.  The zunes were made to compete with the ipod classic and ipod nanos.  People say that the zune is too BIG.  come on lets get serious, the zune isnt even that much bigger than the ipod.  The reason the Zune 120 is bigger is becuase of the screen and the wifi, two things that the ipod is doesnt have.  People just expect to get all of the extra’s that the zune offers in the size of the ipod classic.


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